For the first time in long period, NaVi.G2A fans are enthusiastic: Zeus is back!

For the first time in long period, NaVi.G2A fans are enthusiastic: Zeus is back!

The results of the world championships on Dota 2 and CS: GO for the Ukrainian club Natus Vincere were very disappointing, but they resulted in the changes that should have positive effect on the situation. In the list of the recent transfers, one of the most remarkable event is the return of Danyl “Zeus” Teslenko.

After the breathtaking victory of the Gambit team at the Major tournament in Krakow, the organization decided to say goodbye to СS:GO coach Mikhail “Kane” Blagin. Danyl didn’t support this decision, and after realizing that he would not change the situation, the player followed his comrade.

The news that Zeus returned to the club surprised many people, since once the team’s behavior was shabby, similarly to the situation with Gambit and Kane. The player said that initially he had not planned this, he was considering options to join the pro100 club or even to finish his career.

However, he returned to NaVi.G2A because he appreciates professionalism, and the organization has an excellent potential that can be realized with the help of right approach.

For the first time in long period, Natus Vincere fans are over the moon about what is happening in the team, and enthusiastic about its future.

Soon, the new compositions of Natus Vincere and Gambit will meet on the one stage. Both teams are invited to DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 in Sweden. The tournament will be held between August 30 and September 3.

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