$100 000 HoTS championship to be held in Kyiv

$100 000 HoTS championship to be held in Kyiv

Within the 2nd phase of the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship (HGC), the Western Clash HGC intermediary tournament will be held on August 2-6. The Western Clash will define the most powerful HoTS players in European, American, Australian and Zelanian regions.

The event general fund will be $100 000: $30 000 for a winner, $20 000 for a silver medalist, $15 000 for a bronze one, 4th place - $10 000, 5-6th - $7.5000, 7-8th - $5000.

Western Clash participants are shown below.

Heroes of the Storm Global Championship, eSport, Участники «Западной стычки»

The event will be held at Kiev Cybersport Arena. The entrance is free but a previous registration is needed.

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