Three best Ukrainian eSportsmen 2016 in Dota 2

Three best Ukrainian eSportsmen 2016 in Dota 2

The last year was not successful for Dota 2 players from the CIS countries. The largest Ukrainian eSports organization Natus Vincere G2A disappointed their fans with the way they played during the last tournament – The International. The team composition of Na'Vi in Dota 2 was updated, but it’s early to judge about their future.

Nevertheless, there are Ukrainian eSportsmen, who managed to distinguish themselves by a skillful play, being members of teams from other countries and regions. Let’s get acquainted with three most prominent players out of them.

Roman Fominok also known as Resolut1on

The 20-year-old eSportsman comes from Nikopol. In his five-year career he played in the following professional eSports teams of the CIS region: ICCup,, RoX.KIS, Team Empire. Roman Fominok did well earlier as well, including as a captain. But only in 2016, after moving to the American team Digital Chaos, he managed to show himself extremely well as part of silver winners’ team of The International 2016.

Vladimir Minenko aka No[o]ne

The 19-year-old Ukrainian was acknowledged as the strongest midfield player in the CIS region. He became a member of in summer 2016. The whole regional community is keeping a close eye on the achievements of this promising eSportsman.

Ilya Ilyuk aka Lil

One of the most popular position 4 players in the world. The 20-year-old guy from Kyiv has recently entered the top 8 best eSportsmen according to Red Bull, having become the only representative of the CIS region on the list. In summer 2016, Ilya Ilyuk rejoined G2A.

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