Top 6 League of Legends teams in June 2017

Top 6 League of Legends teams in June 2017

The portal of popular English-speaking gaming community GosuGamers has ratings of professional teams in several popular disciplines, including the League of Legends. We used their data to find out which clubs are leading ones in June 2017.

No. 1. The undisputed leader of the discipline is the Korean club SK Telecom T1, who managed to earn more than $2.1 million in LoL tournaments. It is the three-time world champion in the discipline.

No. 2. The second place is occupied by another Korean team, Samsung Galaxy. Recently, it lost its positions in rating due to inactivity, but during the last 2 months, it improved the situation, having won 4 wins and never losing. The earned prize fund is $805 thousand.

No. 3. The Chinese team World Elite wins more often than loses (according to GosuGamers statistics, by 54%). Earned prize is about $555 thousand.

No. 4. The strongest European club G2 Esports LoL earned in tournaments almost $356 thousand.

No. 5-6. The Taiwanese team Flash Wolves and American Team Solomid currently have the same number of points. Both teams in May and June are actively losing their positions. E-sports athletes of the FW managed to win $436.9 thousand, and TS team – about $968 thousand.

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