CS:GO Team Ukraine qualifies for WESG 2017 European Finals

CS:GO Team Ukraine qualifies for WESG 2017 European Finals

Ukrainian qualifiers for WESG 2017 European Finals are over. According to their results, it is Team Ukraine that will represent the country at the European championship. The team consists of eSports athletes from Natus Vincere G2A and Hellraisers club.

Team Ukraine defeated pro100 in the final match. Curiously, one of TU players, Daniil ‘Zeus’ Teslenko, is the President of the pro100 organization. However, CS:GO Team Ukraine includes such prominent eSports players that the young team has stood a poor chance.

WESG 2017 European Finals will involve 20 teams, representing various European countries and regions. Team Ukraine has been the first to pass qualifiers.

A victory in the European final will provide the team with a ticket to World Electronic Sports Games 2017. Its total prize pool is $1.5 million.

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