Start of Quake World Championships qualifiers

Start of Quake World Championships qualifiers

Quake World Championships with the prize pool of $1 million started on June 29. Individual qualifiers for the European region have begun, and North American region matches will be held from today, June 30. Qualifiers for European teams will start on July 1 and for North American teams on July 15.

Given below are the distribution of prizes according to the tournament results.


киберспорт, quake world championship, результатам турнира

It is the first major Quake Champions competition. The game was launched by Bethesda Softworks in 2017. Previous versions of the series were quite popular as competitive disciplines. But despite this fact, not everyone believes that the new part will succeed. Nevertheless, id Software is in a serious mood to promote its own product.

The final LAN battle will take place at the annual event called QuakeCon in Dallas from 24 to 26 August. Match livestreams will be available on the platform.

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