Sofiia Dunaievskaya shared her experience in the creation of “Gamer battles” reality show

Sofiia Dunaievskaya shared her experience in the creation of “Gamer battles” reality show

As part of eSPORTconf Ukraine 2017, Sofiia Dunaievskaya, marketing specialist (eSports and gaming segment) at HyperX made a report. The speaker has 14 years of experience in e-Sports. She started her career as a participant of Counter-Strike 1.6 tournaments. It is she, who created a reality show on the YouTube platform for HyperX brand, titled “Gamer battles” and became its presenter as well. For your information is a review of the report of Sofiia Dunaievskaya.

Brand positioning

HyperX is focused on gamers and e-Sports fans. It supports more than 150 eSports clubs all over the world, sponsors tournaments, festivals, communities. The brand also cooperates with popular bloggers and streamers.

Influence agents

Sofiia noted that the company carefully chooses its influencers (influence agents) in order not to taint its image. “We are trying to support only top and sane bloggers”, she said. It is very important to make sure that efforts spent for positive marketing won’t go down the pan due to somebody’s gaffes. That is why when choosing an influencer, to pay attention only to the amount of the audience is not enough – you should make sure this person is reliable.

Reality show

“Gamer battles” is designed as an entertainment show for the CIS audience, aiming at brand’s promotion as the best choice of gamers and enthusiasts. This creative project has also announced two new products: keyboard and headsets.

“To make a product, in which consumers do not believe is self-defeating”, the speaker noted. According to her, target audience of the show (12-35 years old) is incredulous, that is why it is important to be careful when working with it. When developing the show, we tried to avoid too much branding, but aimed at entertaining the audience and earning its confidence.

Thanks to a unique format for the CIS, the show turned out to be quite successful, and the second season is already approved, besides, it will include even more famous participants.

We also offer you to read an interview of Sofiia Dunaievskaya, carried out at the conference.

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