The past and the present of Ukrainian eSports. Basing on the report by Gennadiy Veselkov at eSPORTconf Ukraine

The past and the present of Ukrainian eSports. Basing on the report by Gennadiy Veselkov at eSPORTconf Ukraine

At eSPORTconf Ukraine 2017 Gennadiy Veselkov spoke about the history of Ukrainian eSports, described its current state and paid visitors’ attention to problems encountered. Let’s examine the most curious moments of his presentation.

The history of eSports in Ukraine

Gennadiy Veselkov divides the history of eSports development in Ukraine into 3 stages:

  • Computer clubs. When players got an opportunity to gather in order to compete not only online but also offline, the era of national eSports began. New teams, the so-called clans, appeared. The first games Quake and Counter-Strike were the most popular ones.
  • Big tournaments. Introduction of the first global competitions with big prizes. The most famous championships were World Cyber Games and ASUS Cup.
  • The epoch of developers. It started in 2011. The International tournament organized by Valve Corp. became the most significant one. Natus Vincere club won $1 mln. Creators of popular games started participating in developing eSports disciplines by holding tournaments and sponsoring teams.

Nowadays, developers control the market by taking part in organization of all important tournaments. Valve (Dota 2, CS:GO), Riot Games (LoL), Blizzard (StarCraft II, Hearthstone, Overwatch), EA Sports (FIFA 17) are the most influential and active companies.

Ukrainian eSports. Facts and problems

The situation in Ukraine is quite specific today. Ukrainian eSportsmen include lots of starts of international standard but the majority of them are “old school” representatives. They started their careers with tournaments such as World Cyber Games and ASUS Cup.

Young players rarely become professionals. The reason lies in the fact that there is no distinct system of LAN tournaments in Ukraine which would make it possible for amateurs to become professionals by competing with equal rivals.

Interesting points expressed by the expert:

  • “eSports is one of the most democratic sports. It doesn’t require special equipment and perfect physical fitness. You don’t have to spend plenty of money to become a pro”.
  • “According to statistics, it is impossible to make it into world-class eSports just playing at home. You need to collaborate with other players”.
  • “To achieve success in eSports you need to really love your discipline and not look for an easy and beneficial way”.

If you want to know which discipline Gennadiy Veselkov considers the most promising for Ukrainian eSports, read the interview with the speaker.

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