Why IT leaders should turn their attention to eSports

Why IT leaders should turn their attention to eSports

Analysts claim that eSports will soon become more profitable than traditional professional sports leagues. It should be taken into account that this young and perspective market has already affected related industries. Even those entrepreneurs who aren’t planning to work in this sphere ought to turn their attention to the market. For instance, IT leaders need to know about eSports and consider its influence.

The importance of eSports

It is impossible to deny that new forms of contests create new markets and stimulate the development of new technologies which are successfully applied in trade, during conferences and other serious events. Being familiar with eSports and its basic technologies IT leaders will be able to identify emerging trends and get maximum advantages from developing technologies.

Gaming has always been the driving force of technologies. Graphic processors (which were formerly used by gamers only) are now parts of almost any technology: from supercomputers to control systems of self-driving cars. Gamers’ demand for the technology has caused significant money flow into the market, improvement of technology and appearance of innovations in the consumer sector. This tendency will be probably continued and accelerated by eSports.

Advantages of computer sports

Professional gaming is changing the way we perceive sports. When you are watching sports competitions on TV, you see the player from a particular place. But in eSports spectators have lots of opportunities. They decide who to watch and how to do it.

Besides, the audience can listen to the dialogue between team players in real-time mode. It considerably affects the development of technologies, especially VR and interactive systems.

Technologies applied during broadcast of professional eSports tournaments can be successfully used at conferences and business meetings and give workers the opportunity to stay in touch in difficult industrial conditions.

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