inVega workshop: Gleb Alechin on the attendance of eSports matches

inVega workshop: Gleb Alechin on the attendance of eSports matches

At the end of April Kyiv educational space inVega hosted Gleb Alechin’s workshop dedicated to eSports marketing. AnimaUnity coowner and the first marketing director at Na`Vi provided interesting statistics and spoke about peculiar case studies from his own professional experience. Read a review of one of the topics discussed.

First of all, let’s pay attention to statistical data on the attendance of popular eSports matches. Thanks to big tournament prizes Dota2 is provided with by Valve, the game takes leading positions in eSports. Nevertheless, total attendance and viewings aren’t as high as it may seem.

Taking into account multiple indicators, League of Legends and Hearthstone leaves Dota 2 behind with CS:GO actively shrinking the distance. See the data presented by Gleb Alechin below.

Attendance of eSports matches by unique users per month:

  • League of Legends – 100 mln;
  • Hearthstone – 30 mln;
  • Dota 2 – 10 mln;
  • CS:GO – 10 mln;
  • Counter-Strike – 5 mln;
  • StarCraft – 5 mln;
  • World of Tanks – 5 mln;
  • Heroes of the Storm – 2 mln.

Gleb also mentioned a mobile multiuser game Clash Royale. He estimates that it is used by approximately 100 mln unique visitors a month (the same is with LoL). Still, it is a casual online app, so it shouldn’t be placed together with the abovementioned games.

Clash Royale is a prominent game due to its competitiveness and fantasy settings. Moreover, it is a card game as Hearthstone. It is likely to take an important position in eSports. Nowadays, according to e-Sports Earnings, Clash Royale with its 6 tournaments, 27 professional players and $103 109 payouts takes 93 position among top 100 popular eSports disciplines.

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