HLTV.org: Gambit in Winners, Na’Vi – Losers

HLTV.org: Gambit in Winners, Na’Vi – Losers

According to the Krakow PGL Major championship results, a respected HLTV.org portal has analyzed the game of 7 participating teams. They were divided into 2 groups – Winners and Losers.

Gambit Esports winners are expected to head the Winners group. It is the only noticed Eastern European team. The Poles from Virtus.pro were also given a credit as quarterfinalists.

Also, you can find known names in the Losers group to which Natus Vincere was included due to results of the matches.

Of course, all info about a clubs rate is presented on HLTV.org. While Gambit players became one of the top five, Na’Vi is on the verge of being eliminated from the top ten.

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