A Ukrainian player has joined the Hearthstone team of the club М19

A Ukrainian player has joined the Hearthstone team of the club М19

The Russian multigaming club М19 includes the teams of LoL, Dota 2, FIFA, PUBG, and Hearthstone. Recently, a Ukrainian player Alexey ‘Allad’ Burchak who won the NUTSBET CUP #3 and in the final defeated the Russian player Alexey ‘ShtanUdachi’ Barsukov (Team Spirit), the champion of HCT Winter Championship 2017, has joined the Hearthstone team.

The participants of the global championship Hearthstone Global Games also took part in the tournament:

  • the Ukrainian team players Alexander Kolento Malsh (Cloud9) and Mykola 'NickChipper’ Velychko (Team Spirit);
  • the Russian team players Vladislav ‘SilverName’ Sinotov (Team Spirit) and Alexey ‘ShtanUdachi’ Barsukov (Team Spirit);
  • the Belarusian team players Pavel Kartoshechka Pavlenko (M19).

Previously, Allad was a member of professional clubs although he participated in the qualifying games at Hearthstone Championship Tour in 2016 and 2017. Alexey is intended to do his best in order to take a chance and attain success at the professional Hearthstone scene.

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