HellRaisers returned to Dota 2 with Planet Dog players

HellRaisers returned to Dota 2 with Planet Dog players

Recent changes in the Ukrainian eSports team HellRaisers bore fruits rather quickly. Maybe, the decision had been made long before Aleksey “chaos” Kucherov became a leader. However, it was he who made final steps towards the organization expansion.

Planet Dog qualified for entry to the European qualification at The International 7 and became a new team in Dota 2. “Transfer experiments” of HellRaisers have always taken aback but this one has surpassed all expectations. Taking into account the crushing defeat of the “Rozhdennye pobezhdat”, the future participation of “Vosstavshie iz ada” at T17 looks far more interesting.

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As reported by the manager of Hellraisers CS:GO team Aleksandr Nemesh to the eSPORTconf Ukraine press service, the organization is always keeping track of promising players and teams in Dota 2 and Hearthstone since they are a priority. However, candidates of other disciplines are also considered.

It is quite possible that after the club leader change, Dota 2 team approval and Ukraine’s success at HGG, the organization will quickly take active actions towards Hearthstone.

Before the team dissolution, one of the members had been Nikolay “NickChipper” Velichko who brought the biggest number of wins to the national team of Ukraine in Hearthstone Global Games.


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