Chinese media giant plans to invest $14.6 billion in eSports

Chinese media giant plans to invest $14.6 billion in eSports

At the official media conference on June 16, Tencent revealed its plans to invest $14.6 billion in Chinese eSports over the next 5 years. 100 billion yuan will be put up for eSports leagues, competitions, associations, and entertainment parks. Some money will be also allocated to training talented Chinese players.

It is not the first activity of Tencent media giant in the eSports sector. In particular, it owns Riot Games, developing League of Legends, 84% of Supercell Finnish developer, and a minority stake in Activision Blizzard.

Nevertheless, such great investments and ambitious plans are no surprising for the Chinese eSports market. According to statistics, this place has the world’s biggest eSports audience, bringing regular income.

Besides, when company’s strongest competitor, Alibaba Group, announced its status of Asian Games eSports organizer this spring, Tencent’s response was just a matter of time.

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