eSports for bookmakers: Dias Ismailov’s experience

eSports for bookmakers: Dias Ismailov’s experience

On February 22, eSPORTconf Ukraine will host Dias Ismailov, the founder of the betting shop CybBet. His experience proves that eSports can be profitable not only for players but also for tournaments’ organizers.

Dias Ismailov is the founder of eSports betting shop CybBet. Working exclusively with bets on eSports he managed to make the company profitable only within six months. He will share his experience and secret of success at eSportConf.

The topic of his speech is “The place of eSports in the bookmaker’s world”. The speaker will tell you:

  • how eSports influences betting shops;
  • about risks and prospects of betting;
  • how to influence and deal with fixed games;
  • about peculiarity of bets in eSports.

Dias Ismailov’s experience will be useful for everyone who considers eSports to be an important source and instrument of earnings.

Tickets will soon be available. Follow the news!

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