Irina Sergienko reveals legal aspects of eSports recognition in Ukraine

Irina Sergienko reveals legal aspects of eSports recognition in Ukraine

At eSPORTconf Ukraine 2017, Irina Sergienko, the expert in gambling, sports and IT law, revealed the issue of the potential recognition of eSports as an official discipline in Ukraine. She explained what legal aspects would be faced on this way and stressed possible action strategies.

Key points of Irina Sergienko’s presentation:

  • “Ukraine requires only the approval of the Ministry of Sports to recognize a certain activity as sports.”
  • “While the Russian Federation regulation specifies grounds of the official recognition as a sport discipline using “and”, Ukraine specifies them using “comma”. In case of competent legal rationale, it significantly simplifies the whole process. But the recognition can be obtained only under condition of establishing a single All Ukrainian noncommercial eSports association.”
  • “There are 2 main ways of establishing a regulatory body. One can found an eSports federation that will be in charge of all disciplines or separate All Ukrainian federations for each eSports game (Dota 2, CS:GO, LoL etc.).”
  • “The official recognition provides a thrust for potential development as well as a status, recognition and respect. Legal regulation ensures observance of rights and, at the same time, imposes liabilities one should be ready to.”

More information on the topic can be found in the interview with Irina Sergienko. We also advise you to look at the review of Gennadiy Veselkov’s presentation at eSPORTconf Ukraine 2017.

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