Belarusian eSports is very much alive

Belarusian eSports is very much alive

E-sports is less developed in Belarus than in the neighboring countries such as Russia, Ukraine, or Poland, but it exists and makes progress. An important step for the industry was the establishment of the Belarusian eSports Federation at the beginning of 2017.

Another important event happened in the first week of June. The Federation started the official partnership with the Football Federation of Belarus and hockey club Dynamo Minsk. The agreement was signed at eSports weekend in the HC Fan House. In addition, cyber football (FIFA 17) and cyber hockey (NHL 17) tournaments took place during the event.

By the way, Belarusian eSports should not be underestimated. On Tuesday, June 6, it was clearly demonstrated by the Hearthstone team that beat the Ukrainian team at Global Games.

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