Gennadiy Veselkov: CS: GO is the most advanced and promising eSports game in Ukraine

Gennadiy Veselkov: CS: GO is the most advanced and promising eSports game in Ukraine

eSPORTconf Ukraine 2017 was opened by Gennadiy Veselkov. The speaker is widely known as an eSports journalist, owner and editor in chief of the oldest and the most authoritative Ukrainian eSports resource in the CIS - He is also the owner of ASUS CyberZone - the best club for gamers and competitive players in the country.

One of the originators of Ukrainian eSports and an experienced organizer of industry events Gennadiy Veselkov shared his views on the current state of the local gaming industry with the press service of the conference.

Interviewer: Lidiya Tsenenko (L. T.)

Speaker: Gennadiy Veselkov (G. V.)

L. T.: How do you think The Kiev Major 2017 will affect the development of eSports in the country?

G. V.: This is very significant and unprecedented event for the Ukrainian eSports. I hope the tournament will attract the attention of the press, public and investors. For our capital, it is a great honor and a unique opportunity. It is too early to judge, we will check how things will develop further.

L. T.: What eSports game do you think is the most promising for the Ukrainian gamers?

G. V.: Currently, the most dynamic and interesting game in the world and in Ukraine is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is actively developing as major tournaments are held almost every week while small ones are held even more often. Our country has a very strong representative in the game – the Natus Vincere team. Currently, Ukraine is the most successful particularly in this game.

Even if we look at it less globally, we have a lot of semi-professional CS:GO players. They train hard and try to achieve success in the game. This game has been popular since a long time, starting from Counter-Strike 1.6. For certain, CS:GO is the most advanced and most promising game. It attracts players, money, and sponsors are very interested in it as well.

L. T.: Do you have any favorites among young local teams?

G. V.: In fact, there are almost no young teams in Ukraine and this is a serious issue for our eSports. There are professional top-level teams and they are unreachable, while at the bottom, there is a huge number of young players.

The latter are not even members of some teams. Mostly, they make mixed teams and occasionally participate in tournaments. Everyone wants to get right to the top and to be streamed live. But there is no one to help them improve gradually. Thousands of people are playing, but there are no young teams in Ukraine to cheer for.

L. T.: Who do you think should solve this problem?

G. V.: I think now big clubs should take care of this. They should think ahead about the ‘fresh blood’. Young gamers are needed both for the development of the whole industry and for the professional growth of the certain teams. There is no point in relying on government in this case. It is even not so concerned about the development of traditional sports.

There is still hope for game developers that monetize their products through eSports. For example, Riot Games does so. But in Ukraine, the company is still ‘catching up’ rather than leading. It entered our market a bit late, while everything has been already occupied by CS:GO and Dota 2.

Even so, the company is developing dynamically and carrying our student leagues, amateur tournaments, and is actively working in this direction helping to train young cyber athletes. Unfortunately, other major publishers like Valve and Blizzard are only interested in big tournaments and professional competitive players.

L. T.: What eSports events are the most important for the country?

G. V.: I think all events are important. Big ones are necessary as they attract the attention of the public arresting its sights to the eSports. Besides, they inspire young players and motivate them. Middle and small-scale tournaments are also needed to ensure the professional growth of the newcomers. If we don’t do it, we will not have anyone to replace top players after their quitting the industry.

Partially we can observe this phenomenon even now. Ukraine is losing its positions in global eSports due to the fact that the ‘old generation’ is gradually disappearing and there is no one to take its place. That is why we need a graded tournaments system that would allow players to move gradually to the top.

Interviews with other speakers of the conference are coming soon, as well as the information about Gennadiy Veselkov’s presentation at eSPORTconf Ukraine 2017. For more info, stay tuned to our News section.

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