eSPORTconf UAH – Ukraine’s first eSports business conference

eSPORTconf UAH – Ukraine’s first eSports business conference

On December 22, 2017, Smile-Expo, the international event company, will hold the industry eSports conference in Kiev – eSPORTconf UAH.

ESports is a young investment niche for the Ukrainian market. It is in 2017 that one expects the next financial growth of eSports organizations in the country. How not to miss the chance to join such a prospective business segment?

To answer this question, having studied the current market condition, Smile-Expo is organizing the industry business conference called eSPORTconf UAH. It is targeted at entrepreneurs, investors, as well as at gaming and gambling industry representatives of Ukraine and the CIS countries.

Statistics data about industry prospects in Ukraine:

  • annual market growth is 50%;

  • in recent years, Ukraine has taken 5th and 6th place in the world among countries with the most developed eSports industry;

  • according to predictions, eSports will become even more popular than football in 10 years;

  • 12 players from Ukraine participated in the most popular eSports tournament, The International, in 2015. Only the amount of representatives of China was higher.

  • Natus Vincere, the Ukrainian eSports organization, signed an investment agreement valued at $10 with Russian ESforce Holding in summer 2016;

  • common eSports market, apart from betting, will reach more than $1 billion in 2017.

eSPORTconf UAH 2017 is a conference that will give an opportunity to determine the condition of Ukrainian eSports market, analyze successful business models, learn about commercialization methods of eSports disciplines, as well as will allow to predict further market development in Ukraine.

Within the conference, speakers will focus on the following issues:

  • dynamics of eSports development in the CIS and European countries and in the world;

  • relevant investment opportunities for Ukrainian business;

  • prospects of Ukrainian eSports betting;

  • opportunity to classify eSports as an official sporting discipline in Ukraine again;

  • probability of eSports acknowledgement to the Olympic event;

  • current trends and emerging opportunities in Ukrainian eSports;

  • principles of building a successful eSports team or organization;

  • ways of creating large-scale eSports tournaments.

Using this event, Smile-Expo is not only creating a new platform designed for the exchange of relevant information and business contacts. We are setting the pace and activating the development of Ukrainian eSports! You will also join our initiative in February by attending eSPORTconf UAH conference.

To find out more details of eSPORTconf UAH, visit our official event website.

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