eSPORTconf Poland 2017: how to earn on eSports in Europe?

eSPORTconf Poland 2017: how to earn on eSports in Europe?

On March 23, Warsaw will host an eSports business conference called eSPORTconf Poland 2017. It will be held by Smile-Expo international company, an experienced organizer of business and entertainment events.

ESports players and teams from Poland are worldwide famous by their success. But, like other Eastern European countries, Poland still doesn’t have a developed and structured industry business platform. While the industry is growing, it is time to participate in its establishment.

eSPORTconf Poland is aimed at the creation of a comprehensive business platform for Polish eSports. The other significant aspect of the event is an opportunity to bring together representatives of the Eastern European industry from various countries in order to share experience in eSports business and determine efficient ways of entering the global market.

Organizers have already announced the following conference speakers:

  • Mario Valle (Altered Ventures);
  • Teddy Florea (Nordic Game);
  • Pavel Kovalenko (AnimaUnity);
  • Yuriy Dokijchuk (Legal IT Group);
  • Dmitriy Mikhalchuk (Teslasuit Ltd);
  • Mario Ovcharov (UltraPlay betting shop);
  • Krasimir Kostov (UltraPlay betting shop);
  • Dias Ismailov (CybBet.Com betting shop).

The event will allow to reveal issues that will primarily spark the interest of CEOs and managers at eSports clubs, IT entrepreneurs, hardware and software developers, and investors engaged in eSports sector.

You can find more information on the official eSPORTconf Poland website.

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