Efficient advertising strategies in eSports industry

Efficient advertising strategies in eSports industry

ESports industry has already asserted itself as an efficient advertising platform, having a broad reach and access to the financially reliable audience. Advertising in eSports is prospective due to the high involvement of fans and relatively low competition.

We would like to bring to your attention several tips that will help you to create a quality advertising campaign and enter the eSports market.

Choose partners among experts

You don’t necessarily need eSports products or famous brand to provide successful integration. It is much important to win support of authoritative industry representatives. They will not only help to establish more audience credibility but also give expert tips. So, you may choose among:

  • Professional eSports teams;

  • Famous eSports players;

  • Streamers;

  • Organizers of eSports competitions;

  • Gamer and eSports Internet portals.

Focus on creating and distributing your thematic content

ESports has its own branded advertising strategies. Some of them are unique, but the majority intersects with general-sports. You should keep in mind that almost all advertising in the eSports is related with holding offline tournaments or online competitions. The most efficient strategies are the following:

  • Standard product placement when promoted product appears on camera (for instance, a streamer broadcasts live in your earphones);

  • Branding of eSports players’ and commentators’ clothing;

  • Brand logo’s placement in all graphics and video content, as well as in all tournament attributes;

  • Branding of rooms where competitions or event reviews take place.

You should also take care of distributing video clips, photos and other branded content in all popular social media and various thematic Internet platforms. Make sure that an online tournament are recorded and distributed in the network.

Invite well-known bloggers

The attendance of Internet celebrity, highlighting your event on their channels and pages, will significantly expand the audience. The most important thing is to make sure that invited bloggers are well-informed in the eSports topic and won’t cast a shadow over your brand by any incautious statement.

These are just some of significant aspects that can make advertising campaign successful. To learn more about eSports marketing and advertising, come to eSPORTconf Ukraine on February 22.

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