Dramas, intrigues and investigations: what interests the eSports audience in the CIS countries?

Dramas, intrigues and investigations: what interests the eSports audience in the CIS countries?

The topic of brands taking interest in eSports as a media platform was covered by Sofiia Dunaievskaya at eSPORTconf Ukraine 2017. In the course of presentation she shared experience of promoting HyperX products at the CIS market, illustrating her speech with the example of Gamer Battles reality show, created by her on YouTube. Conference press service met with the speaker to discuss the subtleties of promoting video advertising content among eSports audience of the CIS countries.

Interviewer: Lidiya Tsenenko (L.T.)

Speaker: Sofiia Dunaievskaya (S.D.)

L.T.: How HyperX got interested in the eSports market of the CIS region?

S.D.: We have been engaged in eSports for a long time, as HyperX produces goods for gamers. Therefore, since the time that we entered the CIS market, we have been partnering with many famous eSportsmen. Mainly with Natus Vincere, and also worked with HellRaisers.

Currently, we expand our partnership network and support professional teams. Mainly CS:GO, but we are also interested in other disciplines. We support different events, tournaments that take place in the CIS countries, and have our own brand zones for players.

L.T.: Are eSportsmen open for cooperation or is there a sort of distrust?

S.D.: Distrust is present, but it relates to specific projects rather than brands. HyperX and Kingston Technology have a good reputation thanks to the quality of video game products. It is also important that we collaborate with eSports organizations rather than players directly. Contracts conducted at the scale of an organization minimize distrust of both sides.

L.T.: From the experience of YouTube Gamer Battles project, what peculiarities of eSports marketing in the CIS countries can you name?

S.D.: The nature of the CIS market is rather peculiar. Our YouTube users are striving for “dramas, intrigues and investigations”, which makes it difficult to produce truly high-quality content, as its promotion is complicated. Quality is highly valued in Europe and America, for example, educational projects. Unfortunately, our audience is more interested in “trash”; viral success usually comes to videos of dubious character.

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