What do managers of professional teams think about the recognition of eSports in Ukraine?

What do managers of professional teams think about the recognition of eSports in Ukraine?

At the eSPORTconf Ukraine conference, special attention was given to the issue of the recognition of eSports as an official discipline in Ukraine. The entire report of one of the speakers, Irina Sergienko, was dedicated to this subject. In the course of presentations, the subject was also discussed by other experts, including managers of professional eSports teams HellRaisers and Team Spirit. We would like to present their opinions in more detail.

Ruslan Bugrin (Team Spirit)

Manager of Team Spirit’s CS:GO and Hearthstone teams noted that the industry needed consolidation rather than government involvement. "To resolve the issue, it is necessary to create an eSports organizations council, which will include one member from each organization", said Ruslan Bugrin.

"Since players promotion system does not exist, it's difficult to discuss the development of the community". This statement pointed out the unwillingness of the industry and its representatives in Ukraine to make efficient efforts. Having no clear structure in eSports, one should not expect to witness the creation of an effective governing body. Before thinking about official recognition, we should consider the renewal of a coherent development chain for players, teams and tournaments.

"Many gamers are not looking forward to the official registration of eSports, as new rights imply new obligations", said the Team Spirit manager. In his opinion, Ukrainian gamers do not consider the official recognition of eSports as something beneficial. Many of them do not consider themselves sportsmen treating eSports as a job or hobby.

Alexandr Nemesh (HellRaisers)

"eSports is not similar to football or basketball. It is a separate sport that has many trends. It is impossible to include all games in the official registry, as well as to establish a clear line between those that are worth recognizing and those that are not", – noted Alexandr Nemesh.

Manager of HellRaisers’ CS:GO team drew attention to a very important aspect of the issue. Recognition at the domestic level implies a clear definition of all legal issues. Now, despite the recognition of eSports by many countries in the world, it still lacks an unambiguous and well thought-out system. Over time, this problem will be solved, but for now, perhaps, it is not the best time for such decisions.

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