Arseniy Salay: “Large-scale All Ukrainian online FIFA 17 tournament to be announced in the nearest time”

Arseniy Salay: “Large-scale All Ukrainian online FIFA 17 tournament to be announced in the nearest time”

The member of FC Dynamo Kyiv division will tell about traditional sports clubs at eSPORTconf Ukraine 2017. Arseniy Salay focuses on organizing all eSports events under the club brand and actively participates in promoting FIFA discipline in the country. eSPORTconf Ukraine media office talked to the speaker and discussed organization’s plans regarding cyber football development in Ukraine.

Interviewer: Lidiya Tsenenko (L.T.)

L.T.: Hello, Arseniy! Please tell us about the establishment of FC Dynamo Kyiv division.

A.S.: Hello. Recently, football clubs all over the world have been establishing more and more eSports divisions, allowing VR discipline players to enter the professional level and show themselves on the global stage. Certainly, Ukraine couldn’t sit on the sidelines from worldwide trend for a long time.

It turned out that FC Dynamo Kyiv became the first club desiring to encourage the eSports development in Ukraine. One decided to start working with the familiar cyber football sector and offer support to the best Ukrainian cyber football player – Vitaliy Mukha.

L.T.: What are organization’s targets and short-term plans?

A.S.: The organization is going to create the All Ukrainian cyber football tournament system and provide the greatest number of Ukrainian eSports players with the opportunity to show themselves on the global stage.

L.T.: Are eSports tournaments popular in Ukraine?

A.S.: When it comes to virtual football, this niche is in a quite early stage in this country. And this is despite the fact that the amount of people anyhow playing cyber football is pretty large. We will try our best to give all Ukrainian lovers of this game a chance to show themselves off.

L.T.: You have already organized online FIFA tournaments in Kiev, Odessa, Dnepr, and Lutsk. Where are you going to hold further tournaments?

A.S.: In the nearest time, we are going to bring into operation (or develop) at least 14 regional representative offices. Furthermore, all major cities have been hosting tournaments over the years. Concerning the online aspect, competitions through the networks have been already held for a long time. So, we should just create worthy event options for players, allowing them to show their skills and talents. In particular, it is the nearest time when the large-scale All Ukrainian online FIFA 17 tournament with incredible engagement and prizes will be announced.

L.T.: What is your vision of cyber football future in Ukraine?

A.S.: The future of cyber football depends on everyone interested in this issue. Plans of FC Dynamo Kyiv eSports division are comprehensive. We are looking up to West European advances (France, Spain, and the Netherlands) as well as to achievements of our neighbors – Russia, actively supporting FIFA discipline at the level of the Russian Football Union (RFU).

The conference dedicated to commercialization issues and Ukrainian eSports development will take place on February 22 in Kiev. You can book tickets following the link. We also recommend you to get acquainted with the list of other speakers of eSPORTconf Ukraine 2017.

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